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The Only Color I See Outside Is In My Own Backyard.

The butterfly garden is doing well, with my help.  I water it a couple of times a week and that seems to help the plants keep flowering.  The rudbeckia have been covered with blooms for the past couple of months now, while the homestead verbena continues to really branch out into a nice ground cover.  The lantana is fine with the heat and is a big attraction to butterflies.  On the left below, the Spanish lavender is getting ready for a second show of blooms this year.

While the milkweed I planted almost all died, spontaneous plants from last year’s seeds have popped up everywhere around the yard.   They, too, have attracted quite a few Queen butterflies and fritillaries.  Below is the stone path with pillars of milkweed growing between as well as sweet alyssum, which, to my surprise, continues to live and flower despite the heat.  I planted them in March, I believe, and I expect them to last through to the frost.

The chives are putting on quite a show of flowers and a buffet for the honeybees, wasps and gray hairstreaks.

I keep the feathered guests happy with daily offerings of seed and fresh water.  The finches and cardinals really love coming by, as well as doves and blackbirds.  And the anoles have their run of the place since the birds are well fed.  They, too, love the sun.

I have started the fall garden in hopes that the weather doesn’t kill off everything.  I have several tomato and pepper plants, as well as a couple rows of bush beans sowed.  I’ll be starting the carrots, spinach and broccoli in the coming month and then lettuce for the winter garden.  I can’t wait for cooler weather…


Texas Discovery Garden’s Butterfly House

The family took a trip to the Texas State Fair to have a little fun this past weekend. While we were there, we stopped into the Texas Discovery Garden’s Butterfly House to see some beautiful species of butterflies, some of which are not native to this continent or even this hemisphere! While we didn’t see every butterfly listed on the brochure, we did get a glimpse of several species. I just had to snap a few pictures!


Cloudless sulphur being released (native)



Queen butterfly or Monarch?



Longwing butterfly (Native to the Americas)



Zebra Longwing (North to South America)



Tiger Longwings (Central and South America)



Scarlet Mormon (native to Asia)



White Peacock (North and Central America)



Male Great Mormon (Native to Asia)



Paper Kite (Native to Asia)



Palamedes Swallowtail (native to U.S. coastal states from East Texas up to Virginia)



Tiger Longwing



Tiger Longwing ventral side



White Peacock


And here are a few flowers I found intriguing as well: