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Next Wave of Blooms in the Wildflower Bed

This is the first year I have planted wildflowers, so it has been exciting as we have watched these unknown plants grow and finally produce an identifiable flower!  A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a flower bud that was forming in the flower bed.  I thought that it was a coneflower, but as it turns out, it is not a coneflower.  It’s a Mexican Hat!  Que es emocionante!   Almost in time for Cinco de Mayo!  Enter the dancing hats:

I have dozens more hats preparing to bloom in the bed.  The cornflowers are still going strong, but the poppies are almost done.  Most of them have died, stalk and all by now.  The primrose has quieted down as well.  I’m really curious as to what the next wave of flowers will be.  Right now, there are many very tall plants that have a dozen or so buds on the top of each.  The fence around our property is five feet.  Some of them have now exceeded that height, which is just astonishing to me.  I am 5′ 10″ and I’m almost looking at them eye-to-bud.  🙂

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, there are new Black Swallowtail eggs on the fennel.  AND, there are at least a handful of little caterpillars!  If you weren’t looking for them, you wouldn’t see them.  They kind of look like little turds.  🙂  The smallest are about the size of a piece of long-grain rice.


Update on the wildflower bed

It has been thirty days since I scattered the wildflower seeds along the fence line.  I have an incredible amount of sprouts in the bed now, but it is still very early to tell exactly what is growing.  Maybe I just have a bunch of weeds.  🙂

Wildflowers can take up to a month to sprout, so we should have just about all the germination we’re going to get.   I really hope I have at least a few of each of them.

This is what is planted in the bed:  bluebonnets, Indian blankets, purple coneflower, phlox, cornflower, cosmos, corn poppy, California poppy, daisy, scarlet flax, primrose, Mexican hat and Indian paintbrush.


Wildflowers have sprouted and are developing strong roots for a good Spring show! - hopefully!


a close-up of the floor of the bed - covered in new sprouts.

a detail of the bed reveals lots of sprouts

Of course, I have a couple wildflowers I can enjoy in the meantime.  The back yard is blanketed in wild asters, while morning glory can be found along the fence line.


a cluster of wild asters among a sea of white and yellow in my back yard

morning glory

morning glories are another wild flower growing all over the fences

There’s still a lot blooming with the summer and fall plants – aster, lobelia, cuphea, alyssum, lantana, bougainvillea and a few more hibiscus bulbs are ready to open up!