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Macro Monday 5.9.11

Here are a few selections for this week’s Macro Monday meme.  For more Macro Monday photos, click on the link at the bottom of the page:

Argiope trifasciata a.k.a. banded garden spider

lady beetle on gaura stem

bumble bee on Indigo Spires

Fall aster in spring

crab spider inside zucchini flower


Macro Monday 4.11.11

Here are a few selections for this week’s Macro Monday meme.  Click the link at the bottom for more macro shots at LisasChaos.com

Baby grasshopper eating hole in salvia greggii bloom


bee on Four-Nerve Daisy flower


Homestead Verbena flowers


European honey bee nectaring on thyme flower


fly on Four-Nerve Daisy

Macro Monday: Naked Lady

This is my first Macro Monday post in months!  I’m excited to have a beautiful subject to share with you.  For the first time since the bulbs have been in our possession the past two years, our Amaryllis (a.k.a. naked lady) bloomed this past weekend.  Hope you enjoy!  Please click on the photos below to view in a larger size with much more detail.  As always, check out more Macro Monday posts over at Lisa’s Chaos using the link below.


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Macro Monday – Caught in the act

Syrphid flies getting it on

Both of them looking at me like, “Uh, do you MIND?!”

The cornflowers are going gangbusters in the wildflower bed.   After the flower petals dry and fall off, the flower base takes on this golden glow in the sunlight.  I tried to capture it on film, but it doesn’t quite convey how shiny it was.  This photo captures the blooming and death stages …

I can’t get enough of taking bee photos.  We just got a new Nikon D-90 camera, so I played around with the macro and speed settings, as well as the camera’s ability to take 4 shots per second – pretty helpful capturing those bees in motion.

And, not entirely unrelated to the bees – the first yellow crookneck squash is starting to form in the garden.  I say not entirely unrelated because this little squash wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the bees.  That little squash was once a yellow flower that must have been pollinated by one of my little buzzing friends in order for it to start developing:

For more Macro Monday photography, please visit Lisa’s Chaos.com:

Macro Monday in a Round Rock Garden

My, how the weeks fly by … another Macro Monday is upon us!  Here are a few pics from the garden this week:

This is the first bud of its kind ... I'd say it is purple coneflower (echinacea)

Common ground beetle got washed up by the morning watering.

Bee on a cornflower

Flower of Yellow Crookneck Squash

Bee on red poppy

Bee on another cornflower

Bee inside poppy

Close up of bee's "pollen baskets"

Macro Monday – Flowers and Creatures

I have a hard time picking one photo for Macro Monday, so you get another series of pics (click on any image to enlarge photo):

One of the first primrose

A pair of poppies

I'm not sure what sort of bug this is - possibly the Southern Green Stink bug.

a Texas dandelion offers up a wonderful yellow flower

Black Swallowtail caterpillar

Double Knockout rose

Common snail on a wooden fence

The very first green bean

New butterfly weed blooms

A wolf spider on limestone

A green bean flower

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Macro Monday from A Round Rock Garden

There’s certainly no shortage of interesting blooms to keep me fascinated for this week’s Macro Monday.

White salvia greggii


culinary sage flower


poppy bloom


a close up view of poppy


Indigo Spires salvia


Indigo Spires salvia


Morning dew - captured by my daughter


Copper Canyon Daisies


Not a hairy green strawberry, but a poppy.


German thyme flowers


A different looking poppy with a lot of contrast


metallic looking bug


My daughter found it odd that a poppy’s petals were stuck together.  As she tried to pull them apart, this little guy came running out to see what interesting lunch was headed his way.  They both locked eyes for a minute as if measuring one another up.  My daughter caught this great pic of the spider looking back at her.  I came in from a different angle to see what his web tunnel looked like from the other end . . .


taken by my daughter


Spider making a tent out of a poppy

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