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Bloom Day March 15th

In celebration of Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, here’s a sampling of what’s blooming in A Round Rock Garden this week.   Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for starting up Bloom Day and for giving bloggers an opportunity to share their favorite blooms!

First of all, who can get enough of the poppies?  Each one is a different shade, a different size and shape.

Intermixed with the poppies, the cornflower – the first and most active of the wildflowers this Spring.

New to the garden is the Whirling Butterfly Guara.  We’ve transplanted two of these, and these are the first of the new blooms:

Salvia officinalis is blooming beautifully in the herb garden:

Honeybees have been enjoying lavender nectar from sunrise to sunset …

Another new addition to the garden, the Double Knockout rose.  These are the first two blooms:

Not quite in time for March’s Bloom Day, the parsley has bolted and is preparing the first of its flowers:

And another parsley flower forming …

All along the perimeter of the wildflower bed, we have watched these little guys forming, wondering what type of flower they are.

This morning, however, JUST IN TIME for bloom day, these little guys opened up into magnificent primrose: