A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Here are a couple of images of our amaryllis flowering.  This amaryllis has been in the family for years, having first been cared for by my wife’s grandmother then passed down to us.  It’s birthed a couple pups over the past few years and I’ll have to separate them probably next Spring (now that each pup has grown a few leaves).  Behind her you can see the homestead verbena, which flowered all through the winter this year and put on a beautiful show in early spring!


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Images copyrighted by Eternal Forms Photography, Round Rock, Texas.  Please visit http://eternalformsphotography.com for more images and to schedule portrait sessions.


Comments on: "Beautiful Amaryllis in Bloom" (9)

  1. A great photo of a beautiful flower. I used to have them in my garden when I lived in Florida. Thanks for the memories.

  2. How beautiful! The color is so delicate, and being handed down in the family makes it so special.

  3. Andrew@Gardening Tips said:

    Lovely photo of a great plant
    In your case a truly great plant.
    It is so nice to see plants passed down through the generations.
    Without doubt, a plant to cherish

  4. Wow! Love this color. My grandma had a red variety and we still enjoy it. Nothing like an heirloom to bring back memories:)

  5. Those shots are amazing

  6. I didn’t know amaryllis would do so well and look so lovely in the Texas heat. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  7. I see that it’s been awhile since a post. I do hope you continue it. I just found it and since I live just a few miles up the road from Round Rock, in Georgetown, I am finding your blog interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing your experiences and great photos.

  8. Great gardening tips and photography. I hope the recent rains have made your garden even more beautiful. Looking forward to more posts.

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