A garden is the best alternative therapy.

The butterfly garden is doing well, with my help.  I water it a couple of times a week and that seems to help the plants keep flowering.  The rudbeckia have been covered with blooms for the past couple of months now, while the homestead verbena continues to really branch out into a nice ground cover.  The lantana is fine with the heat and is a big attraction to butterflies.  On the left below, the Spanish lavender is getting ready for a second show of blooms this year.

While the milkweed I planted almost all died, spontaneous plants from last year’s seeds have popped up everywhere around the yard.   They, too, have attracted quite a few Queen butterflies and fritillaries.  Below is the stone path with pillars of milkweed growing between as well as sweet alyssum, which, to my surprise, continues to live and flower despite the heat.  I planted them in March, I believe, and I expect them to last through to the frost.

The chives are putting on quite a show of flowers and a buffet for the honeybees, wasps and gray hairstreaks.

I keep the feathered guests happy with daily offerings of seed and fresh water.  The finches and cardinals really love coming by, as well as doves and blackbirds.  And the anoles have their run of the place since the birds are well fed.  They, too, love the sun.

I have started the fall garden in hopes that the weather doesn’t kill off everything.  I have several tomato and pepper plants, as well as a couple rows of bush beans sowed.  I’ll be starting the carrots, spinach and broccoli in the coming month and then lettuce for the winter garden.  I can’t wait for cooler weather…


Comments on: "The Only Color I See Outside Is In My Own Backyard." (12)

  1. You’re so fortunate to still have some color. We believe we have lost our Bradford Pear to the drought. We have planted one tomatoe plant for the fall and it actually has a bloom on it. Our herb garden is surviving, but only because Pat waters it. I’ve been through droughts before, but nothing like this one!!

  2. Hello, dear! I miss your writing and your photos. Come back to blogland! I know that the heat pretty much killed every living thing in sight towards the end of the summer but you must have some photos to share at least. Looking forward to a post.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Roberta! Yes, I do have flowers still living in my yard and the butterflies play and dance in the garden daily, but I have been devoting my extra time and resources to a start up business. Since having our son, my wife quit her job to stay home with him and that has necessitated a new direction for me. I still have a full time job, but I’ve also taken on of my hobbies and passions and have turned it into (hopefully) a career. I’ve booked a few clients this month, so it appears that my hard work is starting to gain some momentum – finally! As far as photos go, I do have a lot of them! 🙂 Please see my other blog (http://eternalforms.wordpress.com) and my website (http://eternalformsphotography.com)! Sorry, not many of them are of flowers and insects! I’d love to hear what you think!

  3. I’ve created a new URL for The Poet In You. If you are one to keep your links updated, here is the new address:

    Thank you!

  4. Beautiful and lovely flowering plants. So nice to have a garden like that. 🙂

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  5. I love your visiting lizard! Such great photos. Setting up a rock garden and looking through your wonderful pix for inspiration.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Love the combinations of plants too!

  7. Your photography is wonderful! Please continue posting! I’m in Zone 8A, coastal NC and am a Master Gardener in my county.

  8. oh I love those pictures! My parents lived in Texas after we went off to college, and I remember those beautiful green lizards:-)

  9. Your flowers look amazing plus you take great pictures too! I’m sure it takes a lot of patience to grow them. If you need help with your landscaping Brookshire Landscaping really does a great job.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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