A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Baby Veggies

It is always exciting when our vegetable garden starts producing.  After a few failures in the past two summers due to pests, disease and/or uncooperative weather, it is encouraging to see the plants bursting forth with tiny veggies that will continue to grow into harvest-able crops. I’ll get to those mini-veggies in a minute, but first, BIG news.  Well, sort of.  The spring/summer garden offered up its first harvest over the weekend – a single zucchini measuring 9-inches long!  I am amazed at how fast zucchinis grow!  I literally watched it grow a few inches in a matter of two days and a few more are just a day or two behind it.  I think this one plant will provide enough zucchini for us to eat for a few months – and bigger than we’ve been able to get at the grocery store.  The first picture below was taken on Saturday.  I chose not to harvest it then because I wanted it to get an inch or two larger.

Then, on Sunday, I awoke to find the same zucchini had grown almost two inches to the size of a large dinner plate!

Well, that’s the big news.  Hey, I relish in good news, whatever it is!

Now for the mini-veggie photos!  We have tomatoes, habaneros, green bell peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash, jalapenos and what looks like cantaloupe starting to form!

baby cucumber (tied with nylon cord to tomato cage)

teeny jalapeno

small Early Girl tomatoes clustered together

healthy nub of a habanero pepper

tiny yellow squash (foil to deter vine borer)

beginning of bell pepper

could it be? a cantaloupe fruit?

All of these plants received a healthy watering on Saturday, followed by a 12 oz. cup of freshly brewed compost tea to top them off!  Here is the yeasty smelling, foamy, frothy mixture right before I served it up!


Comments on: "Baby Veggies" (2)

  1. So did the foil at the base of the zucchini really keep the vine borers at bay? And how do you water with the foil in place? I didn’t even grow zucchini this year because I was so disgusted with the borers. All of your veggies look lovely by the way. They’re making me hungry for dinner!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Well, so far, so good, Roberta! I read that it disorients the adult moths because it reflects the color of the sky. I don’t know, really. I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I still inspect them daily and so far haven’t noticed any frass. As far as watering goes, it just runs between the two layers of foil. It doesn’t seem to hurt the watering process. I don’t want to use floating row cover because I want the pollinators to get in there. So, time will tell. I hope I’ll be able to report later in the season that it continued to work!

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