A garden is the best alternative therapy.

I thought it was about time that I updated the site a bit.  First off, I changed the theme to one of WordPress’ newest free themes.  I really think this one “pops” more than the last theme I was using (“Koi”).  I took advantage of the “custom menu” feature of this theme and created a menu with hyperlinks to the additional pages located on this blog.  If you hover over the menu, submenus should appear giving you more options.

I also went through and updated the individual pages themselves.  Some of the information was over a year old.   As I sit here and reflect back, I’ve learned so much about gardening over the past two years.  To think it all started with my wife wanting to buy a hibiscus bush and me wanting to start an herb garden … it’s amazing how the gardening fever has captivated the both of us as we added more and more herbs, flowers and vegetables to our backyard.  We’re excited to be able to expand it again this year, adding more flowers to the butterfly garden and putting in a new vegetable bed.

Because I owe so much of my gained knowledge and respect for gardening to a fantastic group of gardeners, I also thought it was necessary to update my blogroll.  To tell you the truth, I was shocked that I haven’t been more diligent in keeping up with this.  There are several of you who frequent my blog – and I visit yours as well – but I did not have you on my list of gardening blogs!  Shame on me!  My apologies to you all.  In appreciation for what you bring to my gardening life, you now have a permanent place on my page.  🙂 Thank you all so very much! I also make it a habit to regularly click through my blog roll to see what you all are up to, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more visits from me to your blogs now that the blogroll is updated!

While updating the other pages of my blog, I decided something needed to be done with the plant profile pages.  I want these pages to be a resource for new gardeners, especially those in my zone, but, to be honest, they weren’t as “user-friendly” as I wanted them to be and scrolling down forever to find particular plants really wasn’t very convenient.  To fix this problem, I added a “table of contents” at the top of each page.  Now each category of plants (Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables) has a list that links directly to the plant you want to read more about as well as a link back to the top of the page.  I’ve also included more photos and changed some of them out (along with gardening, my photography skills have also improved over the past couple of years!).  The coding took me a couple of hours to complete and, although I think all of them are error-free, if you encounter any broken/non-working links and certainly if you notice any misinformation, please let me know.  These pages are utilized quite frequently by a number of visitors on the world wide web, and I strive to be as accurate and informative as possible.

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the blog.  Let me know what you think!



Comments on: "New Look, New Features and More Info" (6)

  1. Thanks for the post in your blogroll…I’m so honored. This is something I also plan to do in the near future…lately my internet has had a mind of its own! I’ll let you know when I have it up!! BTW…like the new look…very crisp and clean. It should show off your gorgeous garden pictures well!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Don’t mention it, you have a terrific blog and are always so gracious to visit and leave comments. Thank you for the feed back on the new look. Sorry to hear about your internet issues. We went with AT&T U-Verse in December and had nothing but issues with them for two months before we finally crawled far enough up someone’s you-know-what that they finally did something. It took filing a complaint with the FCC, but that seemed to get the attention of someone and the issue was fixed.

  2. Looks great!! You have a lot of good info on the tabs. Your gaura looks so pretty. The rabbits love mine…:/ They also like my four nerve daisies.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Good to see you back here, Amy! Thanks for the feedback. I am lucky so far that I have no issues with rabbits or other animals in my yard. Of the four yards that border mine, three of them have dogs (including ours), so I think this is a big deterrent. I have noticed one or two feral cats, however, and the squirrels love the front flower bed. I keep finding their acorn stashes buried in there and the dirt/mulch rifled through! 🙂

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments about butterfly gardening. It’s hard to get it all in a short post.

    I like your crisp new look except for the pale grey type in some areas. I can’t read some of it. The text under the comment box about using HRML tags is virtually unreadable as is some of the sidebar.

    I’m renovating my Blog Roll, too. Out with the idle and in with the busy bloggers. Trying to have clues to prompt my memory.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Thank you very much for the feedback, Nell. I took a look at the text issues and – at least on my end – everything seems okay. I wonder if you have the brightness turned up really high on your monitor, which may be causing some of those issues. ??? I admit, the text has a lot less contrast than other text on the site, so maybe even look at your contrast settings – or even gamma.

      That’s funny, there were several in my blog roll that haven’t been active in over a year, so they didn’t make the cut – or rather, they got cut! 🙂 I went back through comments and found several additions and also visited Blotanical to refresh my memory since I haven’t been active on Blotanical in quite some time…

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