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Rooted Milkweed Cuttings

Fall 2010 - Milkweed plants grown from free seeds at LiveMonarch.


It’s that time of year to order your rooted milkweed (asclepias curasavica) cuttings from LiveMonarch.org.    As they succinctly put it:  “living plants milkweed = monarchs”.   Or, to use a quote from one of my favorite childhood movies, “If you build it, they will come” (Field of Dreams). And they will, trust me.  I ordered mine last spring and, before too long, I was attracting Queen and Monarch butterflies and by fall had a dozen or more caterpillars busily munching away on the bumper crop of milkweed plants (thirty five in all).  There are two good reasons for ordering plant cuttings:  you’re guaranteed a living plant (vs. seed germination rates) and you’ll have milkweed plants ready for butterflies forty-five days earlier (vs. seed sowing).


Image from LiveMonarch.org

In case you’re not familiar with LiveMonarch, here is a quote from their website:

Our Mission: To keep our skies filled with Nature’s color.

We are a National Foundation that protects and restores butterfly habitat across North America. Our butterflies are guaranteed the best, largest and healthiest you have seen! We grow our caterpillar food plants hydroponically (no soil). We do not use artificial diets. Find Out Why?

Help us make sure butterflies have plenty of gardens to find food in … Plant free seeds and Please do not overlook the perfect Gift… Personalized seed packs.

Would you like to save 45 days growing time and have butterflies in your garden right away? Then get some small milkweed plants.

Did I mention that the cuttings are cheap?  This year, I placed an order for twenty plant cuttings and the total was only $27 with shipping and handling charges.   That comes out to $1.35 each.  Plus your purchase helps them grow their foundation, while at the same time, helping the monarch population.  All of my cuttings survived being transplanted and even produced flowers and seed pods the same season!

Why not head over to LiveMonarch and pick up some cuttings today?  They also have free seeds if you’d prefer to do it that way.

Heck, if you’re interested in free seeds, I have a few thousand I collected from last year’s plants.  Leave me a comment expressing your interest and I’ll send some over to you.


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  1. I had no idea about rooted milkweed. You are introducing me to a whole new world, young man. I would indeed be interested in seeds AND I will cover my bases by ordering some live plants as well! Thank you for the information. I entered my email in order to reply. Is it accessible to you. I hate to leave it in your comments section.

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