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In the Garden 11/21/10

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been in the garden for any length of time.  Life has been busy.  We received news that we are expecting and will be having a baby at the end of May!  We’re very excited.  Needless to say, we’ve been visiting family as well as getting our third bedroom ready to receive the little one.  I don’t expect to be spending too much time in the garden this winter, but I do have a few things going.  I have sown my wildflower seeds, but have yet to see anything sprout yet.  I planted cornflowers, poppies, echinacea, black-eyed susans, blackfoot daisies and scarlet flax.  I also have a bed of spinach going and it’s doing well.  The broccoli plants are quite large – much further along than they were last year at this time.  The pepper plants are still producing.  Carrots are getting tall.  And lettuce seeds have sprouted.

Spinach bed

More spinach


A few bell peppers

cayenne peppers

More cayenne peppers

harvested and dried cayenne peppers

red bell pepper

carrot tops

new herb garden (chives x 6, thyme x 2, oregano x 3, parsley x 3)

Also, the Copper Canyon daisies are in bloom, the indigo spires are still going strong, as well as the verbena, Four-Nerve daisies and trailing lantana. This is a shot of the Copper Canyon, Indigo Spires and Tuscan Blue rosemary:






Comments on: "In the Garden 11/21/10" (5)

  1. Congrats! 🙂 That is exciting news and spring is such a great time to have a new little one. Our spring baby is now 18 years old.
    Also, I sowed the seeds and I am crossing my fingers. 🙂
    Take care and congrats!!!!!

  2. Those chillies look great. I could use some of them right now, its freeeezing over here in Ireland at the moment!

  3. Exciting news. Congrats and like Amy said, perfect timing. The fall garden really benefited from the great fall weather we had. Mine has never been that far ahead before-then of course my peas were zapped by the frost. Hope they rebound.

  4. Enjoying your photos of your garden…especially the peppers!

  5. Great pictures of your spinach. Nothing like fresh picked spinach. They’re really pretty easy to grow too. They can endure those colder temperatures, which makes things much easier.

    TheGardenCloche.com | Garden Plant Covers

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