A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Winged Friends Welcome

The butterfly garden is living up to its name.  Sunday, in the garden, I was witness to many winged friends as they stopped for awhile in our yard to feed on nectar – even after I cut most of the blooms off of several plants (indigo spires, butterfly weed, lantana)(I know, I hate to do it, but I want bushier, fuller plants, so there is a method to my madness!).  The butterflies seemed to really enjoy the verbena, four nerve daisies and the black-eyed susans.  The fennel is a particular favorite for the few varieties of wasps that I’ve seen in the garden.    They are quite harmless and fun to watch while they’re feeding, although I wouldn’t want to disturb them!  There were a few butterflies that got away before I could photograph them, including monarch, tiger swallowtail and gulf frittilary.  I’ll get them one of these days!  After all, I’m building the monarchs a hotel with deluxe accommodations (i.e. 40 milkweed plants as host plants and a few other nectar favorites along the side fence)!

A dragonfly rests on a spearmint leaf

Honeybee enjoying the fennel flowers - notice my dog's fur which seems to end up EVERYwhere!

Fiery Skipper on prairie moss verbena seems poised for a supersonic getaway

Pearl Cresent on spearmint catching a brief respite from the sun

Gray Hairstreak dwarfed by a black-eyed susan bloom

Thread-waisted wasp on verbena

Paper wasp on fennel - these guys really love the fennel and milkweed flowers

Better perspective on the Thread-waisted wasp.

Bordered Patch on black-eyed susan

Black Swallowtail on verbena - this one was small, so maybe we helped raise him!

Good-angle showing the butterfly's tongue going inside of flower

Mmmm ... sugar-coated!

There's room for more than one - and plenty of nectar to go around

small bee on a fading four nerve daisy bloom


Comments on: "Winged Friends Welcome" (2)

  1. Your winged friend are just lovely. What amazing photos – all of them stunning, including the wasps, but the one that makes me melt is the Grey Hairstreak. We have a serious shortage of butterflies here


    • roundrockgarden said:

      Something about the simplicity of its coloration, I’d say. I truly wish you had more butterflies up there! I didn’t have any here until I started planting their favorite foods! Planting them was like ringing the dinner bell! 😉

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