A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Syrphid flies getting it on

Both of them looking at me like, “Uh, do you MIND?!”

The cornflowers are going gangbusters in the wildflower bed.   After the flower petals dry and fall off, the flower base takes on this golden glow in the sunlight.  I tried to capture it on film, but it doesn’t quite convey how shiny it was.  This photo captures the blooming and death stages …

I can’t get enough of taking bee photos.  We just got a new Nikon D-90 camera, so I played around with the macro and speed settings, as well as the camera’s ability to take 4 shots per second – pretty helpful capturing those bees in motion.

And, not entirely unrelated to the bees – the first yellow crookneck squash is starting to form in the garden.  I say not entirely unrelated because this little squash wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the bees.  That little squash was once a yellow flower that must have been pollinated by one of my little buzzing friends in order for it to start developing:

For more Macro Monday photography, please visit Lisa’s Chaos.com:


Comments on: "Macro Monday – Caught in the act" (13)

  1. HI Joseph
    Fantastic macros. The photos of the pink poppy (?) against the blue background are my fav – just love those colours.
    THanks for the fact about the mushroom – how interesting!

  2. Love all your macro shots. Look at those bags of pollen that little guy is packing!

  3. Such colorful images!

  4. Cornflowers and Poppies are two of my favorite flowers 🙂

  5. Four shots a second – that’s pretty fast! My favourite is the one of the bee hovering just above the flower, but the flies are great too!

  6. Hahaha, if I didn’t read the first sentence I didn’t notice there are two bees in one ^_^. Well I don’t mind either! Love love love!! Happy Monday!


  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers! I love all of your photos..

  8. Great shots! Should have read this post Saturday before visiting the Urban Bee Garden in Berkeley. Well, I guess it wasn’t up then…

    Next year!

  9. VERY cool bee shots! I love them all, but my favorites are the ones where the bee has its back legs crossed. So cute!

  10. Magnificent macro!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Evelyn – Thanks for stopping by! Yes, ma’am, that would be a poppy. Thank you, your mushroom picture is awesome. I thought that tidbit was interesting about the shamans in Siberia! And so bizarre!

      Jenny – Pollen-Packin’ Honey bees! :p

      Thanks, Kala! I loved your blossoms pic!

      Noelle – I always appreciate you saying so! I’ll just keep the pics comin’ for ya!

      Jay – Well, I think that’s what it said! All I know is that I had twenty pictures in about 5 seconds of holding the button down! Thanks again for stopping by.

      Manang – LOL! The seraphids had a very happy Monday!

      WT – Thank you very much! I never tire of taking pictures of them. Glad you love ’em!

      Mouse – The Bee Garden sounds fascinating! I didn’t catch that in your post …

      Caroline – I really like that one in particular! Yes, it’s little legs folded is very cute!

      Jama – THANKS! Wow, thanks every one for the comments!

  11. Amazing pictures, 4 shots per second…wow, wish mine could do that. Your crookneck squash seems to be off to a great start.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Thanks a lot, Mike. Yeah, something like 4.5 per second … I had over twenty pics in just a few seconds of holding the button down!

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