A garden is the best alternative therapy.

I have a hard time picking one photo for Macro Monday, so you get another series of pics (click on any image to enlarge photo):

One of the first primrose

A pair of poppies

I'm not sure what sort of bug this is - possibly the Southern Green Stink bug.

a Texas dandelion offers up a wonderful yellow flower

Black Swallowtail caterpillar

Double Knockout rose

Common snail on a wooden fence

The very first green bean

New butterfly weed blooms

A wolf spider on limestone

A green bean flower

Thank you for viewing my Macro Monday post. For more macro posts involving all sorts of subject (not just plants), go to LisasChaos.com, or click on the image below:


Comments on: "Macro Monday – Flowers and Creatures" (8)

  1. Beautiful arrays of macro shots!! Love it!


  2. The caterpillar is just gorgeous. The spider is creepy. And the rest are beautiful. Great shots!

  3. as usual , you have presented us with some lovely macro shots.

  4. What beautiful pictures. Many are familiar sights in my garden as well. I do love Mexican Evening Primrose when they are in flower.

  5. Great collection of macroshots !
    Have a nice week 🙂

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ Colleen – thanks for stopping by. the caterpillar is awesome lookin’, huh?

      @ Jennifer/keewee – thanks AGAIN for visiting!

      @ Noelle – your homegrown bouquet is beautiful! and thank you for being a reader!

      @ Camilla – thank you – right back at ‘cha!

      @ Christina – the wonderful power of the internet brings you all the way to Texas from Sweden! thank you for viewing my photos!

  6. great Macros from natures own gallery nicely presented by you!

    thanks for your comment

    Christina Sweden

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