A garden is the best alternative therapy.

There’s certainly no shortage of interesting blooms to keep me fascinated for this week’s Macro Monday.

White salvia greggii


culinary sage flower


poppy bloom


a close up view of poppy


Indigo Spires salvia


Indigo Spires salvia


Morning dew - captured by my daughter


Copper Canyon Daisies


Not a hairy green strawberry, but a poppy.


German thyme flowers


A different looking poppy with a lot of contrast


metallic looking bug


My daughter found it odd that a poppy’s petals were stuck together.  As she tried to pull them apart, this little guy came running out to see what interesting lunch was headed his way.  They both locked eyes for a minute as if measuring one another up.  My daughter caught this great pic of the spider looking back at her.  I came in from a different angle to see what his web tunnel looked like from the other end . . .


taken by my daughter


Spider making a tent out of a poppy

Thank you for viewing my Macro Monday post.  For more macro posts involving all sorts of subject (not just plants), go to LisasChaos.com, or click on the image below:


Comments on: "Macro Monday from A Round Rock Garden" (27)

  1. Just amazing!

  2. awarewriter said:

    Great series. Hard to pick a favorite but I like the hairy green strawberry aka poppy best.

  3. I love the pic of the metallic fly. Beautiful.

  4. Great shots. I’m amazed by the hairy poppy

  5. Your daughter’s photos are very good. I really like white Salvia greggii when it is paired with the red 🙂

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ Jenny B: Thanks for visiting again!

      @ John and Vicki: Thank you! The hairy poppy is one strange looking start to a flower! My daughter found this one tucked in between some cornflowers on the other end of the bed. The only one with dark hairs like this…

      @ Colleen: The fly was discovered by my daughter, too. We both took several shots trying to get the camera to focus on the bug, not the leaf. Thanks for stopping by!

      @ Noelle: I think it’s great she’s getting into taking pictures of things in the garden. She was truly excited, “It’s like an adventure out there with the camera!” I have the greggii’s near one another in the bed, but separated by the zexmenia. Should look great when it’s all grown up!

  6. I love the macro of the beautiful flowers, so awesome!

  7. Lovely images of the poppy blooming.

  8. Spectacular!!!
    Round Rock…hmmmmm, I’m Texan too. LOLOLOL

    I played Macro Monday for the 1st time today…can you come stop by? If you have some time.


  9. Wow, so many lovely pictures. I really liked the one of a poppy up there! =)

  10. Beautiful flowers, I like the poppy most! 🙂

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ Kala: Thanks for viewing!

      @ Anni: Sounds like you’re a little further south than me, near the coast, right! Unfortunately I don’t have THAT much time! LOL! Thanks for playing along!

      @ Shannara and Tina: The poppy’s have been pretty popular! I especially liked the darker one – I think it’s considered the Veteran’s poppy. Thank you both for visiting!

  11. Looks like tons of happenings! I can hardly wait for my gardens to be so alive. 🙂

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Thanks, EG! When it springs into life, be sure to post some pics for us to see!

  12. wow…so much in bloom already. beautiful poppies.

  13. The translucent pink poppy with the seed capsule just forming is beautiful! And so is the bud. But the little green fly is gorgeous!

    And I love the story about your daughter and the spider!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      thanks for viewing, Jay! the little green fly was so patient for us – i think we took about ten pictures before we got one we liked!

  14. Great pictures 🙂

  15. Great shots, love the ‘hairy strawberry’.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ SquirrelQueen: thank you so much!

      @ Camilla: sorry, you got caught in my spam queue! thanks for viewing! i love your macro shots! the bumble bee and ladybug are amazing!

  16. The poppies look fantastic with the macro lens, don’t they? Which camera and macro are you using (I’m in the market for one, is why I ask)?

    Christine in Alaska

    • roundrockgarden said:

      The camera I am using is a few years old, has some kind of dirt on the lens and looks like it has been through it. Still, it takes some decent pictures! I like it because it is compact and easy to use. It fits in my shirt pocket. It is a Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph.

      It has a standard macro button, but I don’t use it. Instead, I use the digital macro.

  17. So many beautiful flowers, and the macro shots are gorgeous!

  18. ohh the poppies and the sage are my favorites, but there’s so many flowers! Lucky you! Good stuff !

    • roundrockgarden said:

      you have some great photography, jill. lucky YOU that you recently went and saw the redwood forest! awesome!

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