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Macro Monday

Just a few blooms from the garden today, in celebration of Macro Monday.  Got a camera with a macro feature?  Take your pictures and post them to your blog.  Then go to Lisaschaos.com and enter your blog address to be listed.

I don't need to say what this looks like. Poppy getting ready to blossom

Indigo Spires salvia

Pink cornflower

Another cornflower

Ant harvesting nectar from a closed cornflower

Salvia greggii bloom

And these were taken and posted on Saturday, but thought I’d add them:

Lavender bloom up close and personal

A spider crawling on a poppy

Inside the poppy


Comments on: "Macro Monday" (24)

  1. What beautiful macro photos. I particularly love the Salvias 🙂

  2. I love the shot with the little translucent spider in it! Great pictures!

  3. Those are some great macro pictures. Philip at the ESP does some good ones as well. My little Olympus doesn’t do very good macros. I have to take bucnches to get one good one. I think it’s time for another camera because I love good macros. Oh, I like the blog, very nice.

  4. Your spider on poppy pics would be a good entry for this month’s Gardening Gone Wild photo contest–the theme is Green World!

  5. They are all lovely, but the shot of the poppy opening is awesome!

  6. You have some interesting shots in there! I love the poppy about to burst open, and also the two with tiny creatures in them. The spider on the poppy stem is a great composition!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Thanks, Jay! I stopped by and viewed your macro shot – what is that, a pair of scissors?!

  7. Beautiful macro shots 🙂

  8. Your macro are simply stunning! I can’t decide which one I love best.

  9. Lovely photos, I´m longing for summer now..

  10. I agree, the spider photo would be great to enter in GGW contest. Great photos!!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ Noelle: The salvia blooms look so delicate, I love them!

      @ Colleen: Thank you, I think the spider one is my favorite of the bunch!

      @ Bob: What is the ESP? Thank you. You know, I’m surprised our little camera can take these pictures. We use the Canon Power Shot Digital Elph SD1000. It’s been dropped many times and has dust on the lens!

      @ Caroline and Amy: THANKS! Per your suggestions, I have sent the picture and my blog to GGW! Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

      @ Kala: I’m glad you like the poppy. It is interesting how the poppies form. It is interesting how sexual the poppies look. Before starting to open, my wife says the poppy pods look like scrotums! 🙂 I didn’t check this morning, but I bet this one popped open!

      @ Daniela: Thanks for visiting!!

      @ Jama: No one will mind if you secretly love them all! 🙂

      @ Tina: I was longing for summer and now it’s 80+ degrees and humid. Where did the Spring go??? Thanks for commenting!

  11. such beautiful photos.

  12. Oh those are all lovely especially the intense blue from the cornflower. Can’t believe how warm it is with you now – we only get those temperatures on rare summer days.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ Rosie: Thanks! We have PLENTY of hot weather down here. You want some, you just give us a holler. We’ll be happy to send some your way! 😛

      @ shelle: Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Awesome shots! Love the ant and spider!

  14. Amazing photos, all of them! I love the poppy shot and the one with the little spider.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ Betty: that seems to be everyone’s favorite so far! thanks for stopping by!

      @ Deborah: thanks for stopping by to look!

  15. Good luck in the contest. I like your entry very much. The spider is perfect in that photo.

  16. aloha,

    i’m loving your macro shots, today, beautiful, especially love the first poppy shot

    • roundrockgarden said:

      @ teresa: thanks for the kudos on my photo entry at GGW! there are a lot of great entries by some awesome gardeners! hope i stand a chance!

      @ noel: aloha to you! and good morning! thanks for stopping by my blog. i’m glad you liked the shots … more to come today!

  17. Great shot of the spider on the poppy – good luck with the contest!

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