A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Ever felt like …

1. You’re waiting for the weekend to work in the garden?

2. The work week gets in the way of your gardening time?

3. Flowers are more interesting than your co-workers?

4. You’re crazy for writing down garden blog notes while in an office meeting?

5. Leaving work early to sit and enjoy your garden?

6. The best calls come upon the wind instead of a telephone?

7. Rainy weather means at least you can blog about your garden?

8. Your garden is the one area of the world you can make all your own?

9. Getting up early before the sun rises to work in your garden before work?

10. Reading garden blogs from around the world to see more gardens?

Wait no longer!

Check out Blotanical.com, Where Garden Blogs Bloom. 🙂


Blotanical is a great networking site for avid gardeners, bloggers and readers, putting you in touch with great people from around the globe, with experience levels ranging from newbies to master gardeners.   Blotanical.com lets you search, find and explore local area gardeners who blog about their gardens, and who are more than gracious enough to share their wisdom, advice, and support in your pursuit to be a better gardener.  It’s also a great platform for your own bragging rights.  If you’ve got a garden, take some pictures, sign up and start telling us about it!  I started coming to Blotanical.com to learn more about vegetable gardening, but since have learned so much regarding Native plants and habitats, flowers, shrubs, trees and so much more.  The people here are fun, friendly and are a tremendous source of knowledge and experience!  The plant world truly comes to life on Blotanical.com, and you’ll soon be a garden addict feeling like me.


Comments on: "Ever felt like …" (10)

  1. Joseph, I’ve had every single one of those thoughts/ideas/etc. Most especially in spring time. It’s so hard to be stuck indoors, particulary at work, when you could be outside digging in the dirt. I agree wholeheartedly about Blotanical!

  2. Yes, I have done all of those things, except #9. I have to get up at 5AM to get to work on time, so that one doesn’t appeal to me. But I have thought about calling in sick so I could work in my garden on a pretty day. Mind you, I thought about it. Never did it!

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Then I AM crazy! 😀 I have to get up at 5:30, but I don’t leave until 7, so there’s generally a little time to get out there…

  3. Enjoyed and identified with your list. I think gardeners are some of the friendliest most generous folks. I am always amazed at the willingness to share–be it seeds or gardening wisdom.

  4. I pretty much answered yes to every question. I think, sometimes I am absolutely obsessed with gardening. Some women have closets full of clothes and shoes, I would rather buy a new plant for my garden.
    Happy Easter, hope the weather lets you get out and play in the dirt.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Right back at ‘cha, KeeWee! Wow, New Zealand?! Another reason I love Blotanical! Hey, I’ve got a “koru” around my neck, which is made from bone in New Zealand! Here’s to new growth and rebirth on your end of the world!

  5. Blotanical sure can be addictive. Always great to see someone so enthusiastic about their garden. It must be difficult to have to work in an office, when all you want to do is be in your garden. Fortunately for me, I create gardens for a living, and I must admit I love my job. The only down side is, it lack of good gardening weather over here in Ireland. Good luck with the garden, and enjoy blotanical, responsibly(to avoid any unnecessary interventions)

    • roundrockgarden said:

      i truly wish i could do this for a living, but then it wouldn’t be such a fun hobby – or would it? 🙂

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