A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Many of the seedlings have emerged and are reaching towards that yellow ball of fire in the sky.  What a miracle it is – every time – to see fresh new life emerge from a dry seed.  Look at what’s coming up:

Zucchini sprouts - Black Beauty variety

Cucumber sprouts - Straight Eight variety

Danvers Half-Long carrot sprouts - the first of many

An eager sunflower wearing a helmet?

More sunflower sprouts

Squash sprouting - heirloom Yellow Crookneck variety. Looks like a lima bean.

In addition to the new seedlings, there is exciting new life in the garden as well. Dry, withered chive leaves have given room to explosive new shoots.  Prostrate rosemary offers up a delicate flower for Spring.  Dry thyme branches burst forth with green growth.  Oregano continues its crawl without missing a beat.  Broccoli ready for harvest.  Wildflowers preparing their colorful flowers with a fluffy mass of greens.  Lettuce heads crowding together in the dappled light of an old fence.  Crinkly spinach leaves unfurling.   Yes, Spring is definitely in the air!

Broccoli crown before harvesting

A view of the densely populated wildflower bed

New chives growing

First rosemary flower

Spinach bed 1

Beautiful Red Sail lettuce

Spectacular spreading spearmint!

Lettuce bed with new transplants and sprouts

Another view of the wildflower bed

Spinach bed 2

Broccoli bed (after harvesting first crown)


The marjoram is doing well

New thyme growth

Probably the next crown to be harvested

Lettuce bed 2, also with new transplants

And, last but not least, some of the plants awaiting transplanting inside under lights:

Mexican Mint Marigolds

Ring-O-Fire Cayenne plants

Cal Wonder Orange Bell Peppers

Spinach (bloomsdale variety), verbena and sweet alyssum (back)

Broccoli plant - Calabrese variety


Comments on: "Look what’s coming up!" (13)

  1. Wow! You have a grocery store in your garden! Amazing!

  2. What a bounty indeed. You’ve got really nice photos of your garden. Very inspiring. The lettuce looks yummy. 🙂

  3. Wow! All of your veggies look so healthy and yummy. You are going to have a fabulous garden with the many seedlings. Fantastic!

  4. Wow what an amazing array of yummy vegetables!

  5. You are ambitious!! I’m loving all your raised beds too. I made my first one last year and I’m hoping to put in at least one more this year. I was not very successful with my veggie planting tho so I’m hoping this year is better…
    Good luck with all your seedlings. I think it’s awesome that you grow and make so much of your food.

    • roundrockgarden said:

      Thanks, Kathleen. I find myself wanting to do MUCH more, you know? If I had a bigger back yard, I’d have a massive garden and have more than I need so I could put some back in the pantry. I’d like to at least get to providing for 50% of the veggies we consume. We’re nowhere near that now. I lost my zucchini, squash and cucumbers last fall and the bean harvest was pretty scant. I hope not to repeat that this spring. Good luck to you in your raised beds, too (and with those beautiful orchids!).

  6. RR, I am so impressed with your garden! I am drooling over the fresh crisp leaves of lettuce, spinach and heads of broccoli. Seeing all of your seedlings gives a smile … they look so healthy of course due to your great organic/biodynamic practices. You have very happy alive humus. ;>) Carol

  7. My goodness! This is all wonderful…so healthy looking.

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