A garden is the best alternative therapy.

How about the wonderful weather in the Austin area this weekend?  The ground was still really wet, but the skies were clear and sunny.  I was actually working in the yard wearing shorts and a tank top!  Until the cold front blew in late yesterday afternoon!

Garden Two-Week Update:

We’ve enjoyed a few harvests over the past couple of weeks, including carrots, spinach and lettuce.  As you can see by the pictures below, we’ve consumed several heads of lettuce.  Yet the weather is still cool, so there’s time to grow more.  I have twelve more seedlings started and I also direct sowed an organic lettuce blend into the main lettuce bed where I’ve harvested the other plants.  We’ll be enjoying lettuce for the next couple of months.   The parsley is just going crazy.  I dropped four plants in last September/October and they flourished in the cold winter weather.  We have more than we use!  It doesn’t make sense to harvest and dry it because it just doesn’t taste the same when it’s dried.   To celebrate Macro Monday, I snapped a close-up of the stems of one of the parsley plants.

Lettuce bed one of two

lettuce bed two

Organic lettuce mix - newly sprouted

Hardening lettuce transplants off for my mother-in-law

Another Macro Monday shot - this time of parsley stems

The carrots are still developing.  I’m waiting for them to get fatter, but without sunlight they grow pretty slow.  We’ve just had so much overcast weather lately.  Still, I like the look of carrot greens.  They look so feathery.  I snapped another macro shot of some emerging leaves.  Because I had extra room in the spinach/carrot bed, I went ahead and sowed three short rows of carrots, two rows of Danver’s and one row of Big Top.

the carrot canopy

For Macro Monday - an emerging carrot leaf

The broccoli is standing tall and growing wide.  Right now we have about six crown forming on the nine plants, with the largest one measuring about 2 inches across.  I wish I knew some incantation to make them grow faster!  Anyway, I have another five broccoli plants started as well.  I should put those in the ground in the next couple of weeks.  I just need to let them develop a little longer and then I can harden them off.  I think this new crop will develop faster – we’ll only be seeing longer days and more sunshine ahead.

the broccoli plants are really growing large

the crown now measuring two inches wide - we have 5 more started

The spinach is looking nice.  Even after taking a couple dozen leaves, they’re filling out and making more!  I have a total of two dozen plants right now at different stages.  I also have one spinach plant growing indoors right now – yes, it appears to have survived getting eaten by the cat!   It’s already past the time to get any more seeds sown until fall, but I should be enjoying spinach for the next month or so at least – and hopefully in increasing abundance!

One of three spinach beds - also newly planted carrots (top right corner)

The herb garden is fairing well.  The sage is definitely looking rough, but that’s because we’ve gotten so much rain and it prefers to be dry.  I got out there and trimmed the curry plants and harvested a lot of marjoram as well.  It had grown so leggy and bushy – I wanted to get back to the compact look it had last summer.  I got an herb-drying rack from my mother-in-law over the holidays, so I put that to use in the back closet.  I’ve got three large handfuls drying and a handful of oregano as well.   I have three thyme plants that I picked up at a discount last fall, too.  I don’t know where I’m going to put them yet.  I want to get a couple of basil plants and several more chives.  Perhaps I can work them into one of the existing beds, or work it into the landscape beds I want to build this Spring…

the herb garden 2.14.10

And I have a feeling the mint will take over this bed by the end of summer!

mounds of mint!

Here’s the corner of the wildflower bed.  It is just teeming with plants!

Wildflower bed, back corner of yard

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Comments on: "Sunny Sunday in the garden + Macro Monday" (2)

  1. Your garden looks awesome! I am mostly in herbs. Most people don’t realize just how easy it is to grow an own herb garden. Herbs from the home garden provide the path to a slower pace of life. What could be more relaxing than a sweetly scented cup of herbal tea? I have grown herbs for almost all my life; it is really fun and good for the soul and body. Thanks for the nice article!
    I share some of my secrets at http://mightyherbs.blogspot.com, swing by.

  2. That broccoli looks wonderful…. yum.

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