A garden is the best alternative therapy.

It has been a few weeks since I set up the Burpee seed starting kit and it seems to be doing quite well.  I have the entire 72-cell unit under four fluorescent lights in the garage and the young plants – especially the broccoli – are getting tall.

I’ve read that the plants can be somewhat difficult to remove from the kit, especially after there are roots poking out of the bottom of the cells.  I lifted up the cell tray and found several roots coming out of the bottom already, so I decided to do a little transplanting.  I moved two bell pepper and one cayenne pepper into their own paper planter where they can grow until I’m ready to transplant them into a larger pot or move them outside.  It was a little tricky removing the small seedlings, but it wasn’t as difficult as some reviewers complained.

Not surprising, but none of the spinach seeds have germinated.  I’m going to try another round of seeds this weekend.  My window of opportunity closes at the end of the month and I want to get new transplants in by then.

A row of Cal Wonder orange bell pepper sprouts

Ring-O-Fire cayenne pepper sprouts

Standing tall: Calabrese broccoli

Red Sail and Buttercrunch lettuce sprouts

The first Mexican Mint Marigold sprout


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