A garden is the best alternative therapy.

Lettuce give thanks

I’m thankful for the great lettuce weather.   The light freeze we’ve had the past couple of nights gives the lettuce a bit of a strain, but after wilting in the morning, it rebounds crisp and tall by afternoon.  The Red Sail is a very soft variety with a velvety feel in the mouth.  It’s great in a salad.  The Buttercrunch is also very smooth and buttery in texture and blends nicely with the Red Sail in a salad.  Cosmo Savoy is a little crunchier, perfect for a slice or two on a sandwich or burger.   I’m in need of the latter for our sandwiches this week, so I’ll be trimming leaves off the Cosmo.  I’ve found that I can trim the entire head down to 2″ above the ground and it will continue growing, or I can peel off leaves as needed.  For our sandwich purposes each day, I’ll just have to go outside and peel a few leaves off and pack them with our lunch.  A little Boar’s Head chicken lunch meat, jalapeno jack cheese and coarse-ground mustard on sprouted grain bread, topped with some beautiful fresh lettuce.  I’m hungry already!

Lettuce/parsley bed

Lettuce bed 2 of 3, these will be ready in a couple of weeks

the Red Sail is good-sized now

Lettuce weather is good spinach weather, too.  I’m happy to say they’re finally starting to fill out with more leaves!

Popeye eat your heart out - I'm glad these are producing more leaves

And I thought I’d take a look at the rosemary transplants and cuttings.  They’ve all got a lot of new growth poking out everywhere and the stems are becoming very thick.

transplanted rosemary cuttings from fall have new growth exploding everywhere

new growth all over!

Lots of new growth on the latest rosemary cuttings


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