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Update on the wildflower bed

It has been thirty days since I scattered the wildflower seeds along the fence line.  I have an incredible amount of sprouts in the bed now, but it is still very early to tell exactly what is growing.  Maybe I just have a bunch of weeds.  🙂

Wildflowers can take up to a month to sprout, so we should have just about all the germination we’re going to get.   I really hope I have at least a few of each of them.

This is what is planted in the bed:  bluebonnets, Indian blankets, purple coneflower, phlox, cornflower, cosmos, corn poppy, California poppy, daisy, scarlet flax, primrose, Mexican hat and Indian paintbrush.


Wildflowers have sprouted and are developing strong roots for a good Spring show! - hopefully!


a close-up of the floor of the bed - covered in new sprouts.

a detail of the bed reveals lots of sprouts

Of course, I have a couple wildflowers I can enjoy in the meantime.  The back yard is blanketed in wild asters, while morning glory can be found along the fence line.


a cluster of wild asters among a sea of white and yellow in my back yard

morning glory

morning glories are another wild flower growing all over the fences

There’s still a lot blooming with the summer and fall plants – aster, lobelia, cuphea, alyssum, lantana, bougainvillea and a few more hibiscus bulbs are ready to open up!


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